Ho'ola Lahui Hawai'i promotes traditional Native Hawaiian Healing practices and traditions through various cultural education programs throughout our community.

Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing includes Laau Lapaau, Laau Kahea, Hooponopono and Lomilomi.

Traditional Hawaiian Healing practices are important to the health of Hawaiians.

We believe that Native Hawaiians should be able to nurture their culture and have an active role in planning their treatment plan and prevention programs.

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There's been a renewed interest in la'au lapa'au, along with other forms of traditional healing such as lomilomi (massage) and ho'oponopono (spiritual cleansing using dispute resolution). There are community classes and workshops about Hawaiian healing.


Sean Chun is a practitioner of la'au lapa'au, a traditional form of healing using Hawaiian plants and herbs. Native Hawaiians believed illnesses were brought by supernatural forces, so healing involved strict protocols that included prayer during the picking, preparing and administering of the herbs. Prayer continues to be an important part of la'au lapa'au today.